Hey everybody! My name is Brian Marker Jr., but my friends call me “BMJ”. I was born in Cape May, New Jersey and transplanted to Forest, Virginia back in 2012. Ever since childhood, I have had a passion for creativity. Whether I was drawing an elaborate picture trying to tell a story, writing and listening to music, making a video, or trying to design a website, one constant thing always remained the same: I was passionate about it. I never did anything creative that I wasn’t excited about. I never really latched onto one singular medium through the years (despite my efforts). I went to college for Graphic Design, ran a print & web design business for 10 years and even created a YouTube channel with two thousand subscribers.

Recently I have felt the need for a shift. A way to get out of the mundane. The YouTube channel got demonetized because of some policy changes at YouTube and the business turned into more customer service than actual creativity. I wasn’t happy with it anymore.

That’s where this blog comes in. I want to get back to being creative for myself. Not for money, not to be noticed, but just doing what makes me happy. I will be sharing my thoughts on “all things creativity” here. Topics will range from music to fishing, from web design to my faith. I have three requirements for my blog posts: I must be passionate about the topic, the topic must have some aspect of creativity involved with it, and I must want to share my thoughts about it with you. In a way, I am writing this blog for myself as well. There is something so relaxing about getting thoughts out of my head and onto a page.

Who knows? Maybe we have something in common.




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