One of my fondest memories growing up was playing air piano on the handle of our old black oven in our kitchen while my mom made dinner. Thanks to my parents’ own taste in music, I started listening to everything from Frank Sinatra to the Bee Gees. I started to get really into Journey, Tom Petty, James Taylor, America, and Bread – just to name a few. I can remember countless nights hooking up my Walkman to my karaoke machine and using my little Radio Shack disco ball to set the mood as I pretended I was a DJ.

Back in high school, I took beginner guitar as an “easy-A” class. What I didn’t know then was that this would become one of my biggest passions. Once I learned some basic chords and bought a capo, I was playing acoustic in my church’s worship band. As I developed my guitar playing, I also began to explore singing. I continued to play on Sunday mornings and helped lead a band in our youth group that ended up playing some gigs around our hometown. We made a 5-song CD called “Youth Ablaze Band.” Later in college, I recorded a 10-song album in my dorm called “Change.”

After college I moved to Virginia and started going to a new church that was more than twice the size of my home church. I immediately realized I had a lot more to learn. The people I get to play with right now are some of the best musicians I have ever played with and it’s been great for my own musical growth. After realizing a need for more electric guitar players at the church, I dove into all things electric. I spent years buying and selling pedals, building pedal boards, and purchasing my dream guitar (American Fender Telecaster) and amp (Vox AC10).

Then I discovered the Line 6 Helix. To call it “incredible” would be an understatement. I ended up selling off all my pedals and began building my own presets on my helix. I also discovered an incredible community of worship musicians who had their own high-quality patches to try out. I joined Facebook groups, started watching forums, and subscribed to some YouTube channels about Helix. Now I have the ability to dial in any sound I can imagine, as well as turn on and off multiple effects with a single push of a button. With little effort, I can sound like any artist I want because of the multitude of amp models, effects, and settings available on the Helix.

Whenever I blog about music on this site, I will be talking about music I am listening to, new things I have learned about the Helix, and even my thoughts on Worship music. Join in on the conversation and let’s talk some music!


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